Sunday, July 18, 2010

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Hey folks!

It's been way too long since I updated this blog for the last time. It's just that there has been lots of stuff going on, especially with the YOG that prevented me from writing. So here are, at a glance, the most important things that have happened recently.

1) The inaugural YOG in Singapore are less than 30 DAYS away!

2) Daniel Gruber, a very talented 18-year old guy from Tyrol has been named Young Reporter for the YOG. Great job, Daniel!

3) 3-times Olympic champion Usain Bolt has signed up as a Youth Olympic Games ambassador. Unfortunately, he and fellow ambassador Michael Phelps won't make it to Singapore due to their competition schedule.

4) The Austrian delegation for Singapore has been nominated! The following 16 promising youngsters will give their best at the Games:

Alexandra Mathis (Badminton)
Kira Grünberg (Track and field)
Ivona Dadic (Track and field)
Michael Greiter (Judo)
Christine Huck (Judo)
Jakub Malý (Swimming)
Alois Knabl (Triathlon)
Lara Vadlau (Sailing)
Stefan Rumpler (Shooting)
Cornelia Enser (Shooting)
Elisa Hämmerle (Gymnastics)
Paul Sieber (Rowing)
Jana Hausberger (Rowing)
Stefan Leitgeb (Table Tennis)
Martina Kuenz (Ringen)
Viktoria Wolffhardt (Canoe)

We will have a kick-off event with our athletes at the end of July, including presentations about the CEP, multimedia etc... as well as fun team-building activities outdoors. I'll post a review following the event at this blog.

That's all for the moment. In the remaining three weeks until Singapore, I will try to keep you updated with stories about and around the YOG.

Have a good day and hopefully see you all in Singapore!

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